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Why is it advisable to attend the informative sessions of your future University?

Why is it advisable to attend the informative sessions of your future University?

Starting the University involves many novelties and it is important that you prepare for it

  • The informative sessions are very explanatory and will help you to go to university life.
  • These are some of the reasons why you should attend the pre-university councils to start your university stage on the right foot.
  • These sessions will also help you to get to know people, the facilities and clarify doubts with the help of the teachers and people in charge of the center.

Starting the University is one of the most important steps in your personal and professional development and it is advisable that you take the time to prepare for this transition and receive the information that will help you to do it more effectively.

Many pre-university students are enchanted by the freedom and independence that is the passage to the University. It really is one of the most relevant factors of higher education, but this does not mean that you should neglect the activities that facilitate faculties for pre-university students.

Depending on the career you are going to take, you may face huge university campuses where you feel really lost or do not know how to deal with the dynamics of the students.

For this reason, the information sessions and all the facilities offered by the volunteer students and welcome groups can be of great help for you to gain more confidence in this dynamic environment.

As you will discover in your university evolution, any information you can receive about your environment and training and professional interests, will help you to make better decisions and better understand the field in which you move.

Usefulness of information sessions

The information sessions are based on activities that aim to provide valuable information and advice for pre-university students, so that they feel more capable of making a decision and finding the academic guidance they need.

Centers such as the International University of La Rioja, like others, offer you these informative sessions in online videos, about the different degrees they offer.

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The return to the University: Motivate yourself with these techniques!

The return to the University: Motivate yourself with these techniques!

The end of the holidays for the university students has arrived and it is time to start a new course

  • The return to the University can be just as hard as the return to work, but you should only prepare for it and go with energy.
  • These tips will help you get to class mentally prepared to overcome the objectives of this course.
  • The return to school and the University involve a change in schedules and a more orderly routine, something that costs more in the first days.

September is the month of the beginnings, of the new course and for many, its new "January" to propose the scope of some objectives or to improve their routines.

The holidays have been a well-deserved restful time and necessary to disconnect, do other things and think about the challenges we want to overcome this new course.

But, like everything good, it's over and the end of the holidays is an effort to resume the school day and leave behind the days without a schedule or obligations.

Prepare your return to the University

So that the return to classes and the end of the holidays are not so traumatic and flee from post-holiday syndrome, it is best to face it with a positive attitude, optimistic and eager to do new things, meet new teachers and make new subjects.

The planning and your perseverance, from the first day, will be key to organize this first semester and get to January in shape and ready for the exams.

While you take the normal rhythm, technology and other tools, they will help you prepare for the return, take a good work routine and combine it with good habits.

Come on the way back

That is, do not leave everything pending for the first day of class and the days before devote time to design your schedule, download the teaching guides and see where you have the classes.

At home, it is time to organize your work table and all the material you will need to go to class.

Prepare your material

Begin by organizing and cleaning the computer or devices that you use to go to class.

Organize all the notes and works of the previous course in folders, make a backup copy and leave the computer ready for the subjects of this course.

Start little by little

It's time to start managing your virtual classroom and update it for this course.

Start, little by little, check your email and review the notifications of your faculty, in relation to the beginning of classes or informative meetings.

Possibly, some teacher has already sent you a welcome email confirming the first day of your class and the material you already have available.

Check the resources, download the necessary ones and check if you need any extra material for class.

Remember that there is time for everything, so spend the rest of the time doing other activities, playing sports or staying with your classmates to catch up.

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10 reasons why studying in the United States

10 reasons why studying in the United States

More than 500,000 international students receive their education each year in the United States. The land of opportunity occupies the first place of preference in the minds of millions of students around the world who wish to train in a place different from their countries of origin. The United States is an open, developed and organized country that offers extraordinary opportunities.

The ten main reasons why to study in an American university are the following:

1ª- Leadership: Leading educational system with recognized universities worldwide

2ª- Teaching methods that generate proactive attitudes and allow the development of practical skills

3ª- Resources: Universities with the best resources to develop your talent

4th - University programs adapted to the student himself, taking into account his extracurricular, sports, cultural activities, etc.

5th - Unlimited offer of cultural, political, sports, community and social activities in most university campuses

6th - Internationalization: Unique experience in the most open and developed country in the world, which will broaden your vision and increase your confidence in yourself.

7th- Bilingualism: command of English, the most important language in the world.

8th - Career opportunities: Easier access to the labor market thanks to the prestige of universities and international experience.

9th- Scholarships: Aid for financing through sports, academic and international scholarships

10th- Studies and sports: Possibility of combining studies and sport perfectly

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6 curses of the good university student

6 curses of the good university student

 Hi guys! I know that the title seems a bit dramatic and at the same time contradictory, but it is the most appropriate one on this occasion.

University Nerd, is my sanctuary in which I manifest my peculiar habits, and perhaps a little strict of study, therefore, it goes without saying that I am a good student and how proud I am.

However, everything has a price. Although the advantages of being applied are greater, so is the pressure that society later imprints on you. If you are starting college and you are determined not to be like the average student, I must warn you of the good student's curse.

Conception of the bionic student

The "bionic student" is part of the imaginary of the classmates and teachers that surround the good student. It is the misconception that you are of an evolved race with robotic or fulfilled qualities.

That is, capable of doing great things like quickly calculating equations, remembering all the dates of ancient and recent history and finding a solution to all the problems that arise.

The reality is that when you are a good student, people begin to believe that you know everything, or that you have it filed verbatim in a kind of hard disk that for them is not the brain but a supernatural power of ours.

Illness of silence

The silence in classes is not always a good option, because once the fame of the good student is created, not intervening generates concern in everyone.

Suppose you are in a bad mood or sick instead of thinking that you simply do not know the subject or are not interested.

Both teachers and classmates will interrupt the class to find out what happens to you, or they will give you a headache pill at the end of it without you asking them. In the quietest days teachers may come to scold you for that.

Fingernail election

Up to this point everyone knows that you are applied, organized and you care about your studies.

One day you decided to do extra work in an activity so that the work of the whole room would be fine, and from then on you condemned yourself to the fingernap election, which is nothing more than the willingness of your colleagues to apply for special activities without consulting you .

Teacher: - Who can make a mailing list and send the book to their classmates in PDF?

Companions: - Professor, do not worry, Kimberly does it.

Teacher: - Thank you, Kimberly.

Kimberly: - What?

Interesting compliments

There will be many people who admire your commitment, and there are only a few who will be kind to you because you can give it an academic boost.

Do not let those ridiculously friendly people who never spoke to you from one day to the next want to be with you in everything. Although you think they are a bread of God, the truth is that they have it coldly calculated.

It is part of the curse because at the beginning of the race you do not realize it, but little by little your sense to detect this type of people will be sharpened.

Library of notes

If you are a good student surely you also have some of the most juicy and coveted note booklets.

Maybe you are not jealous of your notes, because I am not either, but when they ask you too much and you end up a week without notebooks of nothing, you will not like being such a good companion.

It is important to make your colleagues understand that you also need to read and be aware of your classes, because in reality you are also a human being and you do not know everything. The curse falls when we are not assertive enough to say no when we need to study, precisely in the final part-time week.

Remember more your bad moments

And since perfection does not exist, the day will come when we do not have the qualification we expect, that will be the Day of Great Deception. Maybe you feel terrible for going wrong, but that does not compare to your teacher's sermon.

Instead of encouraging or showing concern for such a rare event, you will be scolded and judged in front of everyone.

Teacher: - "Until Kimberly went wrong, what happened to you?"

Kimberly: - "We all go wrong."

Teacher: - "I got tired of telling you that it was not like that".

Kimberly: - "He tired of telling everyone."

Teacher: "No, Kimberly, but you do not, you passed."

Those are the curses, but like everything in life, the adversities are not bigger than the advantages that come with the sacrifice. Keep studying, and defend the right to be treated in equal conditions than your peers.

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Follow these tips and you will survive the first semester of the university

Follow these tips and you will survive the first semester of the university

To survive the first semester of the university depends only on you. Be willing to change and accept them as if they were a gift. In this article I explain how to take advantage of those months to the maximum
The first semester or year of the university is very difficult for all the changes: we will see fewer subjects, but taking their rhythm will occupy most of our time.

Sure, it's difficult, but exciting.

It is a certainly motivating pressure.

The pressure of the future is felt more strongly on our shoulders and to prepare ourselves well the doors of that future will open, or else they will slam shut.

Indeed, with so much in our minds about what will come, we do not stop to think about the now, the present of this first year of challenges.

But do not worry too much, the truth is that a large majority survive the first semester of the university and most likely you are on that list.

Survive the first semester of the university

Simple tips for you to easily adapt to the campus and the reasons why you should take advantage of these incredible years of your life to the fullest.

Recognize the campus

The first few days in the university can be overwhelming because of the new academic curriculum and the grandiosity of its venues, so you may feel lost.

Try to dedicate the week before the course begins to locate the classes, gather information, tour your faculty, talk with teachers and even with the student's school counselor will make the transition easier.

Once those little details are controlled, you will move with more confidence and the pressure will decrease.

This recommendation is very important if in your the university they usually baptize new income.

Flee to the right if you see some guys with buckets of water!

Focus from the beginning

It is a common mistake to think that surviving the first semester of the university is limited to partying, to meet people and that studies can wait until the second or third year.

But, the first year of the university establishes the bases of a productive career, so that every day counts. That's if you want to graduate with a good average to obtain a scholarship.

Bringing the subjects up to date, passing the exams in the first call and even studying the content of the next semester and associating it with the first, can help to make the following years more relaxed.

You will see the importance of each one of the subjects that although they do not seem so in the first semester, everything has to do with your career, so do not neglect any.

Since the first semester is usually quieter or easier when it comes to exams or dates, it is advisable to devote extra time to advance subjects.

Taking a preparation class to those more difficult future subjects will be useful to enjoy more time in future courses.

Sense of belonging

Since the stage in the university usually offers more freedom than the school, so you should make an effort to integrate with the study center, choose extra curricular classes, participate in activities, be informed of developments or changes will make the survive the first year of the university.

In case there is a student council or groups of students, it would be advisable to join them, because it will make you feel stable and you will receive advice from more advanced semester students and those who belong to these groups have a great sense of responsibility.

Go to their concerts, plays, art exhibitions and more.

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Strategies that you can apply to graduate from university ahead of time

Strategies that you can apply to graduate from university ahead of time

Although the university stage is unrepeatable and often necessary, you may have among your plans to graduate early. I was able to get my degree one year earlier than expected by applying these strategies ...
The reason I wanted to graduate quickly is because I had already started the modern languages ​​career at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda.

But journalism was always my thing. So abandoning one race to start another takes time away.

When I started Journalism at Arturo Michelena University I knew that I had to recover the time I had lost in a career that I did not like and focus on what I was passionate about.

A degree in Social Communication in Journalism is studied for five years in Venezuela and I managed to finish it in four. That's why I want to share with you my experience and everything I had to do to make it possible for me to graduate from university ahead of time.

How to graduate fast from university

Here I explain what I had to do to recover once and for all the time I had lost in a race that I did not like.

Strive from the beginning

If you want to graduate from university before your time you can not neglect a subject. It might surprise you how the percentages of the evaluations move and the ease with which an oversight can cause you to fail. Failing a subject is a big waste of time. Do not skip assignments by personal calculations of what for you is a more than sufficient rating.

Imagine that the teacher gives you more weight than you expected to an exam for which you do not feel list @. The content of a subject is studied in its entirety, if you study for some things and for others, you could go wrong in the evaluations of greater weight.

On the other hand, when you perform evaluations without fail and attend all classes, you have a mattress to support you in case you get sick.

Study your curriculum well

The curriculum is the set of subjects or subjects that you will see in your career and that are distributed in terms of quarters, semesters or years. When studying your curriculum you will notice the subjects that prelude each other. That is, those that have more weight or academic load and those that can not be studied without having seen one previously.

To graduate fast from the university you have to be aware of the importance of each subject. One of the reasons that helped me to save a year of studies was that I was able to advance all the subjects that preface the thesis.

Take advantage of all your credits

By semester the university will allow you to use a certain number of credits. My advice is that you use them all. Of course, this will require you to devote more time to study and spend more hours on campus. But believe me it is worth studying seven subjects instead of four, when you realize all the time you have saved.

The credits are also cumulative, if you have sufficient credits you can choose to do advanced internships, which in most cases, are essential requirements to graduate.

See subjects in summer

A few years ago I wrote an article about the reasons why you should see summer classes and I repeat it again. And for the last semesters of my career I made summer without rest. I took this opportunity to see my electives and the simplest subjects. I accumulated credits and was able to reduce the load of subjects when the regular class period began.

Do not forget the electives

Many universities -all of them- require their students to take electives, that is, subjects or subjects of free choice that are necessary for the accumulation of credits. If you leave the last electives, the numbers may not give you how to register your community service, the internships and the draft degree.

Meets administrative requirements

Getting serious, if you want to graduate from university  ahead of time you should be aware of the administrative requirements. In Venezuela, bureaucracy is the daily bread. When you are closer to your goal, ask about all kinds of paperwork related to your thesis delivery and defense process, graduation and any other procedure that may be necessary.

Enter in the promotion groups

The best way to inform you about ads related to the previous point is through groups on WhatsApp or Facebook of the promotion in which you plan to graduate. There you will learn everything: final exams, parties, papers, dates of defense, jury assignment and more. Do not sleep on your laurels!

Bring a bullet journal of your thesis

And if that were not enough, when I had to do my thesis I also finished it a month before the defense. What I deserved a trip to Tucacas at Easter without any guilt. I had everything ready and could sit down to correct with my jury calmly. To make that possible, I used the organization technique of the bullet journal. I made a list of tasks for each chapter and progress. It worked wonders for me.

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How to write an incredible university admission essay

How to write an incredible university admission essay

The universities that demand to write an admission essay are the best in the world and I am sure that my readers can get to enroll in one of them. In this article I will tell you how you can write one worthwhile.

Today I have prepared a post very requested by you through email: advice to write an admission essay.

Probably your ideas are everywhere. But start makes the rest easier.

Either because they are in the last year of high school and want to enter a good university, or if, like me, they are looking for a graduate degree, these tips have always served me during my career.

Writing a college admission essay is rewarding if they know what they want.

Although they are probably never satisfied, I know that they will be very proud of the final result. So do not be afraid and give the best you have!

This is how an admission essay is written

Each of us has a different style of writing, and that is why the act of reading and writing is an art and a pleasure in many ways. The tips that I will give you are technical and in no way interfere with your personal touch.

Respect the assigned topic and considerations

Every time I enter a contest or apply for something I see how many participants omit certain rules.

And many times you miss certain specifications.

If you want to apply for a scholarship or for a university quota, the institution that offers them will give you a list of the topics on which you must write.

Always think about what you are addressing so that they do not deviate from the subject. Choose a branch of this and contextualize it. And do not forget other requirements such as the format of the document and its length.

Remember what you're passionate about

Although it seems boring that they should assign a topic to write, it has always helped me remember what I'm passionate about.

Find the way to write using your personality. So much so that the person who reads it can distinguish whether they are optimistic, meticulous, have a good sense of humor or are perfectionists.

Do not be afraid to show an insecurity, a restlessness or a dream.

Plan a structure

Before sitting down to write your college admission essay, prepare a structure so that you do not later feel lost.

When I think of a post for my blog I do not feel like writing it and that's it. First I'm in charge of preparing a structure; that is, all the points that I will address and create intertitles.

For this essay design the approach of the subject from micro to macro or from macro to micro. Whatever model they use, always seek to generate uncertainty and amazement.

Avoid being predictable, but do not say all your ideas at once.

It is also easier if you follow the classic and accurate structure of all times and have: Introduction, Development and Conclusion. In this way you will illustrate the progress or evolution of your point of view regarding the subject.

Short and creative title

Creativity is more important than anything else. A short title should not be: "The profession" or "My career". Nor does it have to be something cliché like "What I want to study and other demons", "Looking for career in times of anger", "The diary of my passion".

I know it seems exaggerated but it's amazing how many people do this on a daily basis, there are even newspapers that still head this way.

Do not make a title of more than four words and avoid articles such as the, the, the, unless it is strictly necessary. If your title is understood the same with or without them is because you do not need them.

Give a contribution

This goes hand in hand with how they have structured their university admission essay. However, it must be treated separately because it depends on it that it is worthwhile to be elected.

When it comes to scholarships or new income, the best universities look for their students to be an investment. That is, they look for leaders.

So think big, but be realistic. If accepted, what would you use that knowledge for? What causes them?

Avoid long paragraphs

Although the length of your essay is determined by the number of pages or the number of characters, no one likes to read long paragraphs. The ideas have to be concise. Write one idea per paragraph and enter the next.

Use appointments if necessary

Since nobody knows everything, they have to use quotes to argue your analysis and what you propose. Two appointments are enough and you should only use them when you want to confirm that what they say makes sense or if they want to cause some emotional i

Check consistency and spelling

Read your college admissions essay many times before sending it. Ask others to read it and explain it to you. A good essay should be understood in the first reading.

Accept advice and suggestions and perfect it if necessary.

I recommend that you read this clear explanation of homonymous words that could help you correct.

Check prepositions

Most verbs are accompanied by prepositions.

This placed it separately from the previous one because one of the main errors that are committed at the time of writing and speaking is the improper use of prepositions.

Although we do not believe it, this can change the meaning of what we want to say. I invite you to read this guide to help them correct.

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The 10 most interesting blogs of the Spanish Universities

The 10 most interesting blogs of the Spanish Universities

If you've never read one, it may be time to do it, it's the best way to get updated information

Blogs are a tool for disseminating information increasingly used by universities.
The commitment to digital communication reaches public and private universities alike.
Being up to date with research and news in the academic field is as easy as clicking on one of these university blogs.

If you thought that blogs are reserved for personal issues, brands or influencers you are very wrong. With the advent of internet and digital transformation, blogs have become a tool for academic and scientific dissemination.

We do not say that they have replaced the specialized publications or that they are going to displace them completely. But somehow they complement them and allow much easier access to this type of content.

Most of these blogs are written by professors or students of the universities, so they can become a reliable source if you need to quote them in a writing.

Most of them focus on publications in their respective areas, leaving the generalization for other types of blogs. They are also very useful if you want to know the news of a specific area.

This type of blogs also have an extra attraction. Being blogs that depend directly on the universities, it is also possible to obtain information about conferences and conferences that take place at that university. Information about scholarship calls or contests is also often published.

Do you want to know some of the most interesting you can find on the internet? We suggest 10 for you to take a look.

1. Blok de Bid (University of Barcelona)

This blog is the one of the Faculty of Librarianship and Documentation and in him the reading of chosen documents is invited and commented by a group of experts who work in her.

2. Europe in Blog (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

The blog deals with European issues and seeks to develop and research about European integration. In it you can find the latest news about the European Union and also information about scholarships or summer courses.

3. ParacetaBlog (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

It focuses mostly on health. Share news about improving the quality of life, new treatments for diseases ... It also informs about the upcoming congresses and seminars in the Pharmacy area.

4. Blog of Juli G. Pausas (University of Valencia)

This blog focuses on ecology and activism pro-environment. It offers contents about botany through articles, images or texts of scientific research. It seeks above all to awaken the environmental conscience.

5. Blogs of Professors of the University of Navarra

No, we can not stay alone. There are several dedicated to the areas of architecture, science, communication, law, pharmacy, philosophy ... They offer information about the careers of the institution and transmit the benefits of studying them. They advocate, above all, to be formed according to the vocation of each one.

6. Blog of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing (Pompeu Fabra University)

In this blog we present the latest digital marketing news, focused mainly on social networks and the dissemination through them effectively.

7. Scientific blogosphere (University of Granada)

It is a blog focused on research articles. The members of the community of this university publish in him the results of their investigations to give them diffusion. In this way they intend that companies can see what is in development at that time to bet on it.

8. Strip BUZón (University of Zaragoza)

The Library of the University of Zaragoza is responsible for this blog that was born as a space for communication and opinion. In addition, critics and articles are also shared and have a radio program associated.

9. Scientific Community Unit (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

This blog is aimed at scientists and researchers. It disseminates articles, videos and interviews on the latest medical advances, and also on chemical and technological studies.

10.Gate Observatory (Polytechnic University of Madrid)

This blog is committed to distance studies, training through the Internet, e-learning sites and platforms dedicated to the subject. Its sole objective is the dissemination of this type of information to make it reach as many people as possible.

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And now what am I going to study ?: Choose your university career

And now what am I going to study ?: Choose your university career

Deciding which way we are going to take is not an easy task, much less it is saying goodbye to a stage in which we made friends, brothers of life, where perhaps we knew love, a space in which we build and forge our personality.

It is about that period in which we discover our tastes, our abilities, our aptitudes and we understand what role we want to play in our environment, what person we will be in the society in which we live.

The big question comes to us when we know that we have to choose a university degree: "What path will I take?"

It is a complex cycle, we are filled with insecurities and we believe that our future depends solely on that decision we are going to make, that we must take it for now, without hesitation, without fear ...

When the reality is that it is normal and it is good to fear, we need to feel fear, we need to doubt and above all we must know that we can change the decision, that doing it is also good and that the decision should be made only when we feel safe

"Medicine? Communication? Laws? Will I be given the engineering? Advertising? Freelance? Or better Economy? "

There are many constant questions that we all ask ourselves and that I would like to help you answer with greater clarity and security, I would like to call you:

The top 5 for a wise choice

1. Ask yourself questions

What am I good at? What stands out? What do I see myself doing the following years of my life?

Ask all about the university career you are going to choose! To your parents, friends, relatives and above all to yourself! It is easier to make a decision if you focus on what you like. The school works to know if you are given the numbers and calculations, or if you stand out for reading and writing, if research is your thing, making music.

Think of everything you like and more than anything else! Never make a decision for what others will say; here your own opinion is the only one that matters.

You only have to take into account that it is not a sentence: the choice you make can be changed, modified, shaped, it is about knowing yourself, understanding little by little what skills you have and want to polish, which ones you want to acquire, what You want to learn and what you want to get away from because it's just not your thing.

It is not easy, but it is a super fun way, take everything that is within your reach, learn and do not limit yourself to the possibilities, you could surprise yourself.

2. Investigate and compare

More than a recommendation I think it is necessary to find all the information you can about the university careers that interest you.

The universities where you can study them, the similarities between the careers you like and their differences, the work field, what would be your job to choose, what other studies you could do next, complementary skills to acquire, courses, workshops, related careers ...

Investigate, investigate and investigate!

3. Be realistic

To make a wise decision you must consider your scope to study the university career that you like is real: if you will enter a public or private institution, if you will receive support from your parents or relatives, if it will be up to you to cover the expenses, if you will reside or do not.

Take into account economic and psychosocial factors because it is essential to not only start the road but also to finish it. The constancy is the main thing to start university life so you must evaluate all these factors and thus not abandon the race before crossing the finish line.

4. Take it easy and think positive

Choosing a university career is about a new adventure, to embark on a new stage, and there is no better way to do it than with the best thoughts and the greatest desire to give everything. Every decision we make in our lives must be accompanied by the certainty that everything will be fine, if this is not the case, you should think a little more.

Keep in mind that in the end all roads lead to Rome and the reality is that we never get lost, each step counts as much as the first or last and where we are is where we should be.

The important thing is to keep moving, make mistakes and fall, get up and walk again; stop to take a break, focus again on our goal and continue, always continue.

5. Do not limit yourself

We all fear, but fear can make us lose the best opportunities of our life. You have to make decisions still doubting, even fearing, still wanting to scream at the top of your lungs for not knowing if the path we take is the right one, but never, never, never limit yourself!

Do not make mistakes, do not make excuses, stay away from complaints and always propose a solution. Life is wonderful, live yours so that at the end of everything you have a great story to share.

The decision you make today is the right one and the one you make tomorrow too, believe in yourself and everything will turn out well. I assure.

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Recommendations to choose a university career

Recommendations to choose a university career

There are many tips that can be given to a student to improve their academic performance, but there is very little we can do to guide them in relation to what they want for their future

Although you follow these tips to the letter, nothing more than the experience of the first semester will guarantee that you have chosen the right profession.

Once we graduate from high school or high school we feel a delicious anxiety to live in the flesh our definition of our future

At 18 years old or less we hope to be clear about what we want and feel some kind of lighting once the uniform is left behind ... but not everyone has such certainty.

This is an approach to what is usually analyzed when it comes to deciding on the next step in our lives. However, it is important to note the following:

There is no ideal age to start studying.

No race is better than another, because not all are your favorites does not mean they are less important.

8 honest tips to choose your university career

Reasons why you should think twice before choosing what you will study in college ... and why you should not worry so much

1. Take your time

The standards established by society are guides, not rules. You do not have to start immediately once you finish high school if you are not sure of what you want. Try to work and travel, because by doing something different from the study you will realize what you miss and aspire to.

2. Discover what you like best

Make a list of your passions and desires. Of everything you wrote down, what could you not live with? What is it that never bores you? Remember to be honest with yourself, because in principle you may have too much to choose from.

3. Accept what you are good at

In addition to knowing what you're passionate about, consider your skills. For many, for example, we love to sing, but sometimes it is better to make our presentations only in the shower. With this I'm not telling you to give up what you love, only to be honest about whether what you do best will serve as the basis for your professional studies.

4. Assimilate what you can not or want to do

It seems we are going from macro to micro, so I hope you find meaning in what I say. You already know what you like most and what you are good at, now it is time for you to set limits. For example, are you willing to see blood? Do you want to work in the office? You like to travel? Do not you want to deal with politics?

5. Study the professional demand

Another technique that can help you choose your university career is to study the professional demand of your country, so that you have employment guarantee once you have graduated. This applies if you have many interests and your level of tolerance to work in different environments is high. Many countries have a professional deficit in the health and education sectors, for example.

6. Do not let yourself be carried away by the choices of others

Even when we choose careers there are also trends. In these moments there is a wave of new students of psychology, when a few years ago they were social communication. Think about the relevance that career has with your personal interests and not with what is fashionable.

7. Think of a personal project

Projection helps us make decisions. Do you have a project between your eyebrows? A company, a book, a movie, a foundation or an application that you want to develop? Having these kinds of tangible goals can make you choose a career that can complement your goals in parallel.

8. Read the pensums of the races that make you doubt

Even in the career of your dreams you will find subjects or subjects that are torture. If you are hesitant between two or three you may end up deciding when you review each of the pensum or programs.

When it comes to the future, there are many plans that can be made, but also those that can be changed along the way. The important thing is to take advantage of everything and analyze in detail the pros and cons of your decisions.

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